Market Forecasts is part of Green Street's Data & Analytics suite.

Green Street's Market Forecasts is an interactive tool that provides five-year forecasts for operating fundamentals and valuation metrics (e.g., cap rates, effective rent growth, occupancy and CPPIs) across sectors and markets under various economic scenarios. You can now interactively visualize 384 primary and tertiary market forecasts making it simple to compare markets, anticipate risk and minimize disruption for your business.
Market Forecasts can help:
  • Fuel investment decisions at the asset and portfolio level by accounting for macro dynamics
  • Strengthen underwriting and portfolio review models by including multiple proprietary forecasts
  • Optimize fundraising and longer-term capital allocation strategies with forward-looking insight

The Green Street Forecasting tool is an estimation of future events based on market trends in historical data that have proved to provide actionable insights during past market cycles. Green Street makes no representations or warranties as to any future performance of such metrics under any market cycles.